Sicario Part II

We left this project with figures and vehicles to paint and rules to try, which at the time sounded pretty easy…………..

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Games Expo 2018

We (well I actually as the rest of the team were either working a shift or on holiday) visited this for the first time last year and had a great time wandering a show which wasn’t exclusively for miniaturists, in fact the number of ‘proper wargames’ you can count on the fingers of one hand but if your interests go beyond just pushing miniature figures around this is a must do on the calendar.20180603_172555

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Derby Day!

No not the horse racing  but our experience at the new venue for Derby Worlds this past weekend and what better way to get back into doing the blog after a prolonged absence – too busy, too tired. too everything.

Now we are well aware from the gossip on the day and tweets since then that the traders were not happy but this is written from the perspective of a gaming club who put on a demonstration game and briefly got to wander around the show as a break from pushing figures around.

Before we got to the show we have to say that the level of organisation was impressive; multiple e mails with maps, times, bring & buy sheets, do’s and don’ts, etc; all very professional so high hopes.

A taste of potential problems was when we came to set up on the Friday night; the table area allotted was wrong and the other games did look a bit close. But table size sorted after a little bit of tension and the closeness of the other games was perhaps just a reaction to the abundance of space at Donnington?

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